Flat Metallic Washers

In bright Mild Steel, Stainless Steel (A2&A4) Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nylon and Fibre.

Standard Series: British, European, American.
BS4310, BS4320, DIN125,
DIN433, NF27-611, ASA BS27-2.

Non-standard washers from various tooling.

Serrated Washers, Toothed and lock washers

In Spring Steel, Stainless Steel (A2&A4) and Phosphor Bronze.

Standard Series: British, European, American and manufacturers’ standards.
DIN6797, DIN6798.

Also many non-standard washers available

Brass strip, Brass Rod, Brass Hex

We also offer small cut flat strip and rod.

Due to our continued growth and working with many electrical companies we can now offer electrical switches and sockets at extremely competitive prices in Brushed and polished chrome finishes.

White plastic are also available on request.

CodeDescriptionList Price

01 Single Switched Socket £3.23
02 Double Switched Socket DP £4.01
03 1g 2w Switch £2.58
04 2g 2w Switch £2.79
05 3g 2w Switch £3.36
06 1g Intermediate Switch £3.36
07 1g 2w 400w Dimmer £9.89
08 2g 2w 400w Dimmer £12.48
09 Single TV Point £2.79
10 Single Telephone Slave Socket £3.28
11 Single Telephone Master £5.18
12 13A Unswitched Spur £3.64
13 13A Switched Spur with Neon £3.33
14 20A Double Pole Switch with Neon £3.28
15 45A Double Pole Switch with Neon £6.00
16 45A Double Pole Tall Switch with Neon £
17 45A Cooker Switch Socket £8.00
18 3 Pole Fan Isolator Switch £4.06
19 1g Blank Pole £2.18
20 2g Blank Pole £2.66

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