In need of a locknut for your cable gland installation? Kingpin Manufacturing are on hand to provide you with whatever type or size locknut you require. Locknuts are used for securing cable glands in position, and are used on the cable gland entry thread. They ensure that the cable gland doesn’t come loose easily, which is highly desired due to the sheer amount of power that could be flowing through them at any one time. Our locknuts will go a long way towards keeping everything together, even in areas where stress on the cable gland is more frequent. Used in conjunction with our earth tags and washers, these locknuts form the most secure cable gland set-up one could hope for.
Brass is the most common base material to use within an electrical installation, mainly due to the low corrosion effect. But we also offer the full range of Locknuts in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, BZP and Nylon. Other material are available on application.

Types of locknuts we provide

As mentioned above, we understand that you may not always need or want the conventional locknut material. That is why Kingpin Manufacturing offer a wide range of alternatives. Every material is held in stock, so these alternative locknuts will be with you in just as short a time as the standard locknuts would be.

Aluminium Locknuts

Brass Locknuts

Nylon Locknuts

Stainless Steel Locknuts

So why choose Kingpin?

No Middleman

You’ll be dealing directly with Kingpin Manufacturing the entire time. This makes absolutely sure that nothing is lost in translation – the product you order is the product you will receive, down to even the most minute detail.

High Quality

We have years upon years of experience dealing directly with the cable gland industry, so we know the intimate ins and outs of the business. We make sure every product that leaves us is 100% fit for purpose, with no excuses.

Quick turnarounds

We pride ourselves on being able to get our high standard products out ASAP, without compromising on quality. In an industry where projects are often time sensitive, this is one of the biggest advantages to working with us.

Locknut sizes normally available for immediate dispatch

Metric Sizes

M12,M16, M20, M25, M32, M40, M50, M63, M75, M80, M90, M100

NPT Sizes

1/2” NPT, 3/4” NPT, 1” NPT, 1 1/4” NPT, 1 1/2”NPT, 2” NPT, 2 1/2” NPT, 3” NPT, 3 1/2”NPT, 4″ NPT

Pg sizes

PG9, PG13.5, PG16, PG21, Pg36, Pg48

We also manufacture M20 and M25 Castellated locknuts in stainless steel and Brass

Call 0121 559 7742 or contact us for enquiries on locknuts and more information.

Choose another product type

earth tags

Earth Tags

Our range of earth tags are second to none. An essential safety element of any cable gland set up, they provide an earthing point for the gland. All of our earth tags are custom made and available in a range of materials.



Another vital safety component, washers protect the internal workings of the cable gland from outside substances. Once again, our washers are available in any size you could require, in a selection of materials.