Looking to get your hands on this year’s must have Christmas gift? Finding it hard tracking down the present that everyone is after? As luck would have it, Kingpin have a large number of i-Swift self-balancing hover boards in stock!

If you haven’t seen them around, these boards work similar to segways, but are so clever that they don’t require a set of handles. Instead, you simply stand on them, and control them with the slightest lean. Seems impossible, right?! But you’ll soon find that it is as easy as walking after a little practice (if not even easier).

The board will react instantly to your body movements, making the hoverboard very responsive. It can also tell the differences in pressure, so if you lean only slightly, the hoverboard will turn slowly. But more pressure down on one side of the board, and it will turn faster. If you lean both feet forward slightly, it will start to move forward, again gaining speed as you lean further forward. It can even go in reverse!

So what uses do they have? Well outside of the inherent fun, there are actually quite a few possibilities. If you are having trouble getting about, the device could save you the trouble of walking. The same goes if you’re just feeling lazy! On top of that, people who are really proficient with a hoverboard can start to learn tricks, in a similar way to skateboards.

Since their popularity exploded earlier this year, thanks to videos like the one below, they have become a must have accessory the world over. They look set to be at the top of a lot of Christmas lists this year, not least because of the celebrities that have been pictured using them in public. You may have seen one in fact, and wondered to yourself “How are they gliding along?”. Well now you know!

And this trend couldn’t be more timely – 2015 is of course the year Marty McFly visits in the movie Back to the Future 2, which first popularised the idea of hoverboards. These skateboard upgrades were the must have accessory of that fictional 2015, as they glided a few inches off the ground, and could even run over water. Although these unfortunately don’t float above the ground, these I-Swift hoverboards are the next best thing!

Our i-Swift self-balancing hover boards come in a range of colours, including red, black, and blue and come with a charger included. They are sturdy models, proving a firm base for the small and large alike to have a go. Their sleek design also encompasses lights and flashy, chrome style wheels.

We have a lot of these I-Shift self-balancing hover boards in stock, but supplies are limited. So don’t delay – pick up the Christmas gift of 2015 for the low, low price of only £229! Avoid the panic buying that is sure to come as these hover boards fly off the shelves in the coming weeks, and get yours today.