How to hunt for manufacturing jobs

If you’re looking to get into the manufacturing industry or have been working at the same plant for a while, there’s a high chance you’re starting to think about your next move. Yes, it’s time to begin the search for that ideal manufacturing job!

The good news is that you will be able to find your dream manufacturing career – the bad news is that it won’t happen overnight, nor will it require minimal effort.

In this post, we’re going to look at the ways in which you can tailor your own job search and make it the fun, productive and ultimately successful task it should be.

1. Focus on manufacturing-related job websites
The usual suspects when it comes to online job listings are the likes of and, and while you may find the manufacturing job you’ve always wanted on one of them, it will take you an awful lot longer than if you use something more tailored towards the industry.

Websites like Make It (from the Manufacturing Institute) and Prospect4U enable job hunters to view a wide range of manufacturing jobs and even see the suggested career progression required to get there. They are also full of information which will aid your search.

2. Contact prospective employers
Can’t find a suitable manufacturing job? That doesn’t mean it isn’t available; businesses don’t always use the obvious methods for advertising positions which is why it pays to be proactive in your search.

Shortlist the companies you’d like to work for and contact them directly. You’ve got nothing to lose – just politely ask if they are considering hiring and whether or not it would be possible to drop in for a chat. You’ll be surprised by how many say ‘yes’.

3. Get social
When it comes to social media, the manufacturing industry is just as up to speed with modern communication methods as any other sector.

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In an effort to trim recruitment budgets, some businesses may shun traditional job boards for social media, so it pays to follow your target companies and keep an eye out for tweets and updates advertising new positions.

4. Get qualified
Most manufacturing companies will value qualifications and they are often the first thing that will get you through the door for that all important interview.

People with ‘STEM’ skills (science, technology, engineering and maths) are in high demand, so possessing qualifications or experience in any of those areas will set you in good stead and enable you to tailor your search via websites like Future Morph.

5. Network
To find that dream manufacturing job, you’ll need to leave the house and mix with those already in the industry. A great way to do this is to attend networking events such as exhibitions and seminars.

You’ll find plenty that are free to attend and, once there, you’ll be able to speak to industry veterans and potential bosses who may tip you off about upcoming job opportunities.


Make a name for yourself – you’ll soon get noticed.

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If you’ve spent evening after evening searching fruitlessly through online job listing sites, we highly recommend you try the methods above to find that manufacturing job. It’s out there, but it will never come to you; you’ve got to hunt it down.


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