How manufacturers can use social media effectively

Social media marketing is purely for business to consumer (B2C) sectors, isn’t it? Surely it can’t be put to use in manufacturing? Well, think again; social media is a fantastic tool for manufacturers when used correctly.

Similarly, there is a growing reliance on content marketing within the manufacturing industry. In a 2015 study by the Content Marketing Institute, 85% of manufacturing marketers surveyed cited sales as a goal for content marketing with social media platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube being earmarked for their effectiveness at distributing content.

Despite this, there is still a lack of confidence – and, possibly, interest – from manufacturers when it comes to social media marketing. Can it really be effective in a primarily business to business (B2B) industry?

Yes, it can! In this post, I’ve got 5 ways manufacturers can use social media effectively.

1. Use the power of Facebook for brand promotion

Your manufacturing business should be on Facebook, period. It may feel a little too consumer-driven and laid back to be of any benefit, but it still represents a brilliant way to promote your brand.

Create a company profile and use it to solidify the ethos of your brand. There’s no need to post updates of your daily antics – focus instead on promoting blog posts, behind-the-scenes photos of the manufacturing process and any statistics or graphs which relate to your industry.

2. Connect with critical partners on LinkedIn

Partnerships play a key role in manufacturing and there simply isn’t a better social media platform than LinkedIn when it comes to corporate link building and engagement. If you’re not on LinkedIn already, sign up today and create a company page, too.

3. Broadcast on YouTube

Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to create one of the stickiest forms of media – video. By creating a YouTube channel in order to share product training videos and behind-the-scenes glimpses at your operation, you’ll quickly build a following.

If you’ve got a modern smartphone, you can create in-house videos and distribute them to a pre-built audience of millions on YouTube. No big budget required.

4. Use Twitter to gain customer feedback

One of social media’s most significant benefits is often seen as something of a banana skin by manufacturing bosses. By opening a public forum centred on the business, negative comments can be seen by all and thus present a huge risk to the brand, right? Wrong!

Social media is a two-way thing. By opening the debate on a public stage, you’re gaining an invaluable chance to hear what customers have to say, and you can respond.

Twitter is a brilliant customer feedback tool. Once you have built a following, ask for feedback on your latest products and manufacturing techniques. The feedback you receive will almost certainly be from the heart and of significant benefit to your company’s development.

5. Use social media to compliment other marketing efforts

If you’re already blogging, social media is quite possibly the best way to distribute that content, along with email marketing. Similarly, you can use the power of social media to compliment other, non-techy marketing efforts. If you’re staging a conference, for example, use a live streaming service such as Periscope to broadcast the event.


Social media should form a significant part of your marketing strategy. Perhaps the most exciting thing about this form of marketing for manufacturers is that it is relatively low-cost (sometimes zero-cost) and you can experiment without the fear of breaking the bank. Get tweeting and sharing!

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