5 reasons to get into manufacturing job in 2020

In the West Midlands, manufacturing employs 323,000 people and contributes £17.5bn to the UK economy. 

That should be one of the biggest reasons to get into the sector, but if you are toying with the idea and need a little push, we think we can help.

Manufacturing is a solid career choice, but before you hit the job search resources, here are a few reasons why this is definitely the industry for you.

1. Manufacturing is exciting

One of the best things about manufacturing is that it covers such a wide range of industries and skills.

What’s more, manufacturing is responsible for some of the most exciting technological developments we get to use in our personal and working lives. Imagine being involved in that process!

There are some fascinating industries to explore when it comes to manufacturing, from food technology to pharmaceuticals, aerospace and machinery. Just think of the stories you’ll have for your mates.

2. Manufacturing is incredibly safe

It’s understandable why people tend to think that manufacturing is a high risk sector. And, to a degree, that’s true – but that’s also what makes it such a safe sector in which to work.

Few businesses invest more comprehensively in health and safety than manufacturing firms. Thanks to robots, machine monitoring and the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing workplaces are smart and safe.

3. Manufacturing enables you to work with tangible stuff

Manufacturing is about as timeless as it comes, because it’s based solely around creating tangible things.

Working in other industries may leave you dealing with digital services and products, but in manufacturing, you create things people can pick up, use and enjoy in a myriad of ways.

There are few things more satisfying in life than being able to look at something, touch it and feel it, while saying, “I made that”.

job in manufacturing

4. Manufacturing career paths are plentiful

No matter where you start in manufacturing, there are some incredibly exciting and diverse career paths you can follow.

Even if you start in welding or fabrication, you can move onto endeavours that include leadership, sales, marketing, and research and development.

In manufacturing, if you have the right mindset and a proactive desire to forge ahead, the world is literally your oyster.

5. Manufacturing sits at the cutting edge

There are few industries where you get to work with tools, techniques and products that are cutting edge.

Robotics, drones and 3D printing are just some examples of cutting edge technology that first made their appearance in manufacturing.

For most people, these technologies take a long time to filter down into everyday life and work, but in manufacturing, you can get your hands on them much earlier. What’s more, you get the opportunity to shape technological development and sit at the cutting edge yourself!

Wrapping up

If you already have an inclination to look for a manufacturing job, we hope the benefits above have encouraged you to finally start your job search.

We’re a little biased, of course, but we can say with confidence that manufacturing remains – and always will be – one of the most dynamic, exciting and forward-thinking industries out there. Get involved!